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Galaxy Pool

We are committed to building the largest, most stable, efficient and productive storage pools in Asia and even the world.

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The most advanced, stable, efficient and productive storage pool

Galaxy Pool will solve the cognitive and knowledge barriers and make the P2P cryptocurrency market reach a new height of the world economy

Distributed data collection

GPO is a Token of interest in Galaxy Pool, Galaxy pool belongs to the Galaxy Pool foundation in Singapore and is committed to building the largest distribution in Asia and even the world

The most influential data trading

Data collection through the best means in the market

Machine learning

Galaxy pool will become more intelligent and predict the future for you

Gain the value-added income of GPO

The value-added income of GPO can be obtained through the repurchase and destruction of mining pool profits, so that investors can get higher returns

Provide a new way to issue assets on the chain

Galaxy Pool is a completely new way of issuing assets on the chain. First digital asset issuance using smart contracts

Focus on the point

Galaxy Pool GPO, fully known as Galaxy Pool Coin in English, is a new way of issuing assets on the chain

Galaxy Pool

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The world's largest, most stable, efficient and productive storage pool

What's next for the cryptocurrency market? Keep in mind that the platform will be highly attractive in September 2019, a few days,Then you can use it.

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December 2018
Idea and research

  • - Development of the GPO idea
  • - Research work
  • - Data collection

Q1-Q2 2019
Start of the development

  • - Testing the mathematical models
  • - ML&DL testing on collected data
  • - First forecasts
  • - Adding the news and social data sources
  • - Team hiring
  • - AI conception

Q3-Q4 2019

  • - Token and wallet development on Etherium basis
  • - Enlarge the team with experts in ML&DL, UX, Marketing, Business Development
  • - Prepare Stage3 (Whitepaper, Website, Marketing)
  • - PreStage3 in Nov. 2018
  • - Hello World for the MvP in Nov. 2018
  • - Stage3 in Dec. 2018


  • - AI development for forecast improvements
  • - Launch portfolio feature
  • - Marketing activities over the world
  • - Attracting AI experts groups on a competitive basis
  • - GPO tokens as payment for forecast service

Automatization & funds

  • - Full bot's integration for all market transactions
  • - Development of the decentralized funds infrastructure
  • - Automatically portfolio management based on KPI forecast

Q1-Q2 2020

  • - Full version is ready and starting next level of development
  • - Adding more real-time signals from media to increase the speed of forecasts to real world meanings
  • - Over 30 000 transactions per month based on forecasts

Q3-Q4 2020
Decentralized funds

  • - Launch of the dezentralized funds managed by GPO users
  • - Based on AI forecasts and auto-management
  • - Earning on forecasts, fund infrastructure and marketing for the funds


Our teams are experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, cryptocurrency, fintech and marketing and analysis


The chief operating officer of the enterprise has rich experience in project management, scheme planning, market strategy, enterprise operation, team management.

Mengyang Zhang

The engineer
was a manager of the multimedia division of foxconn holding company. He graduated from Taiwan yuanzhi university .


The engineer
Familiar with integration architecture and software development architecture

Jun Tian

Network engineer
nine years of network engineer work experience, proficient in network engineer each process
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